Connecting people to the public workforce system

As a Workforce Development Board, we’re your connection to the public workforce system—a network of federal, state and local agencies that are committed to economic growth and workforce development. We offer a comprehensive selection of solutions to help you maximize the positive impact of your workforce with improved productivity, efficiency and performance.

Our focus is pretty simple. We’re in the business of developing workforce talent that’s responsive to the needs of industry. With 30 years of experience in workforce development, we use our expansive knowledge and access to workforce networks and solutions to help companies find and maximize workforce talent to grow their business and ultimately grow the local economy.

Finding Skilled Workers

The West Central Wisconsin region is rich with talent. However, we know at times the process to recruit and hire can be complex. When you need to find talent to grow your company, we can help you navigate the complex recruitment and hiring process with reliable labor market information and insight into industry trends, access to talent pools and additional information on hiring options and incentives.

Training and Retaining Your Workforce

Hiring workers is just the start to building a strong workforce. The next step is keeping them. Continuous training and worker development keeps your employees on the cutting edge of industry developments. Employees who are competent and on top of changing industry standards help your company hold a position as a leader and strong competitor within the industry. Studies show that training that builds the skills of your employees will improve productivity and workforce retention. One of our many functions is to help facilitate the partnership between businesses and training providers. We can help your company save on training costs by connecting with other businesses in your area that have similar training needs. There are many tactics and incentives to consider, and we can work with you to identify solutions to foster employee development and increase workforce retention within your company walls.

Layoff Aversion and Assistance

Layoffs, facility closings and reductions do happen in today’s economic climate. When times get tough and your company faces these possibilities, help is available. We can help coordinate efforts to provide Rapid Response presentations to your company and the workers being affected. Rapid Response assistance presentations provide information on services available within the community and the region to assist those affected in their time of transition. Our team provides the affected employees information about getting a new job, unemployment insurance and community resources for health insurance and other financial assistance. The presentation includes information from many of our workforce system partner agencies.